Mental Health

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Living with a mental health problem is not always easy. Whether it is an episode or your illness is part of your daily life, we can help you and better equip you to live with this reality or to pass through more difficult moments if you experience:

  • Significant difficulties working at work, at school or at home;
  • Variations in mood, irritability, frequent fears;
  • Depressive state, complex mourning;
  • Anxiety, irrational fears;
  • Tics, excessive preoccupation, repetitive gestures, obsessions;
  • Suicidal ideation;
  • Significant changes in appetite and sleep;
  • Traumatic events;
  • Significant consumption or gambling problems.

Teams of professionals composed of psychologists, social workers, educators and nurses are present to offer you psychological follow-up services, therapy or assistance and support to help you live with your illness or simply to You feel better. A facilitator can meet with you and assess your needs in order to plan the services that are most convenient for you. He will be able to give you the information and refer you to the resources of the environment that will be able to help you.