Treating Cancer with Marijuana Oil

Whenever you come across the term ‘marijuana’, you might be thinking of it as a legal substance or a drug. Well, you are right up to a certain extent. However, the medical marijuana is slightly different from the legal drug. Medical marijuana is often known as Cannabis Sativa plant. The oil of this herbal plant is often used for treating cancer and cancer related side effects. In fact, marijuana oil cancer is often heralded as the natural remedies for treating cancer.

Cancer Cure

If you loved one is affected by cancer then you will tray various means to get them cured. Well one of the best ways to treat cancer is chemotherapy and radiation. However, as the treatment process is very long and costly, one might not be able to carry on with the costly chemotherapy sessions. Without good financial support going through this costly procedure is not possible for everyone. In case, you are not able to carry on with the treatment and looking for an alternative for cancer cure, you can go for marijuana oil. Even oncologists are recommending people to opt for marijuana oil cancer cure process.

Marijuana Oil Cancer

What is Marijuana Oil?

Marijuana oil is also known as cannabis oil. The oil is obtained from the cannabis herb through the process of solvent extraction. Usually, the buds and the leaves of the plant are dried and mixed with the liquid. The fluid easily dissolves medicinal compounds in it. The extracts are produced after the fluid is evaporated. It is then mixed with the marijuana oil.

How The Oil Helps In Treating Cancer?

If your loved one is suffering from cancer then marijuana oil cancer can be a great option for you. Usually, the marijuana oil contains high amount of cannabinoids (CBD) and low amount of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

Cannabidolic acid blocks the emigration of tumor cells while cannabidol being a noteworthy non-psychotropic variable of cannabis, can holds on the growth impact on malignancy cells. Significant research has shown that cannabinnoid receptors and endocannabinoids can inhibit the growth of cancer cell. The cannabinoids help to promote the process of Apoptosis. This process programs the death of the cancer cells as it stops down the source of energy and food to the cancer cells.

There are two types of receptors, i.e., CB1 and CB2. When THC gets connected with the CB1 or CB2 receptor site of a cancer cell, the ceramide synthesis gets increased. Whenever the ceramide synthesis gets increases, it leads to the death of the cells. However, in the case of the cancer cells, the death of the cells occurs due to a slight shift within the mitochondria. The principle function of the mitochondria is to deliver vitality. At the point when ceramide begins to pile up, the mitochondrial membrane penetrability to cytochrome C begins to expand. Thereby, cytochrome C gets pushed out of the mitochondria. When it gets pushed out, the ceramide leaves genotoxic stress of the nucleus of cancer cells and create protein p53. This protein stops the survival pathways of the cell.

Well marijuana oil cancer is regarded as an effective cure against cancer. It not only destroys the cancer cells but can also shrink the tumors. You can use it to get relief from pain and nausea that is usually associated with cancer treatment.